Although it is not proclaimed as a federal holiday, we will be celebrating the National Guard’s birthday on December 13th this year!

The National Guard is a brand of the military that was first established in 1636, making it the oldest military organization in the United States. They are the first ones called when emergencies are official and even during tactical wartime.

It is not just part of one, but both the federal and state governments. The servicemen and women of the National Guard have served in every single war the U.S. military has been in since 1936. They got the nickname of “Minutemen” because of how quickly they would respond in a time of crisis. Because of their swiftness, their motto is “Always Ready, Always There!” Now that is some dedication to service!

Not to mention, they are the second largest militia force in the states, only to be exceeded by the Army.

So, why celebrate?! Not only does it respect those who have served under the National Guard, but it also brings awareness to the military force that is sometimes overlooked. And did you know that every state and every U.S. terrority (except America Samoa) has their own National Guard? Maybe find your state’s and see if there are any volunteer or fundraising opportunities you can assist with on its birthday!

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