Semper Paratus! Because the Coast Guard is always ready.

Officially founded and Congress authorized back in August 4, 1790, the U.S. Coast Guard was born to be one of the five of American Armed Forces. Back in 1790, Congress has decided to construct 10 vessels to aide in tariff and trading laws that would help prevent smuggling and protect the entirety of the federal reserve. Did you ever learn that in your Social Studies classes?

Through the years, the Coast Guard has had other huge liabilities added to their service men and women like assisting in distressed mariners at sea and humanitarian duties. Although “Coasties” are mainly known for protecting, well, the coast – they also serve on the mainland to assist in preserving the environment as well as search and rescue missions.

With nearly 90,000 active service members, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this day! As it falls on a Sunday this year, many service people and their families will probably take this day to sit back, relax, and maybe throw down a great, old fashioned barbeque! This will bring everyone together to be thankful for those who protect our country and remember those who have served before them.

So now is a perfect time to go hug your favorite U.S. Coast Guard and thank them for protecting our waters and borders!

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