Hey, bookworm! Take this as your excuse to do nothing but snuggle up with your favorite book because today is your day!

So would you consider yourself a bibliophile? This is a person who has a great appreciation for or collects physical books. Are you more of a classic, Great American novel fan or would you say that the Harry Potter series are the one and only books to exist? Either way – observe today reading whatever makes you happy!

How will you celebrate today? Here are a few tips to help include others in this awesome day:

– Inspire younger children with your favorite novel from their age. This will get them excited about reading and broaden their literature horizons!
– Put down the e-Reader, go to your local bookstore, and hold a physical book! Nothing beats the feeling of reading your favorite paperback.
– Use the hashtag, #NationalBookLoversDay, on all social media platforms to share the love with people all around the world!

Let us all gather ‘round, put down the electronic devices, and celebrate the love of literature!

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