Are you Team Marvel or Team DC? Team Superman or Team Batman? Do we dare speak of the pain we all felt during Avengers: Endgame? Ssh.

I remember being 13 years old, and my older sister trying to get me interested in her X-men comics. She was a big fan of Jean Gray and Cyclops. Maybe that’s why she writes romance novels now. National Comic Book Day is a day where we dedicate this to all of the people whose minds can literally open up different universes and even transport us to them.

Comic Books have originated and took off in America in the 1930s where no other art form like that existed. Needing not only comedic relief, but a simple distraction from the previous depression that was ending in America at the time. Once ideas took flight (sometimes literally!), the comic style art was added to them to create one of the most iconic writing styles to date.

Everything from Halloween costumes, blockbuster and multi-million dollar movies, and even entire conventions are held to honor and celebrate everything comic books and their creators have given to our reality. Take today and revert to that childlike state of mind where you lost yourself in reading your favorite comic and taking the time to really think anything is possible. Because it is! All because of their authors creating this world in which we can lose ourselves, we can also find ourselves, too.

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