Although nowadays people tend to say they love their dogs (or cats!) more than they love people, why not change it up for a day? On September 30th we take the time to commemorate National Love People Day. Living in a day of age where we try to avoid people so much that we would rather have a relationship with our phone that with another person, why not try to break that habit?

This day is to – with no exceptions or discriminations – show unconditional love to anyone and everyone. The purpose of highlighting this day is to really show how we should treat one another everyday, with no need of some special celebration or hashtag to prove otherwise. The day makes you exercise the concept of “love thy neighbor as thyself” which can honestly put a lot of things into perspective when interacting with fellow man. Making the world a better place with one thoughtful act or kind word is the ultimate goal of this day.

You can do your part by doing something good for every person you interact with that day. Start by smiling and giving a compliment to the people you pass by as you walk to your car in your apartment complex. Help clean up after a person’s pup at the dog park or give them a drink of water after playing. Spend the day making baked good or picking flowers for your neighbors. Give your parents and grandparents a call and let them know how much you appreciate them.

If you want to learn more about how to spend this day showing love to others, visit for more information on events happening near you or ideas that you can do for literally anyone on that day and every day.

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