October 24th is dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments and duties of the United Nations. We have over 70 years of history from this world-wide organization. They originally formed as an agreement from the Treaty of Versailles to help advocate against war breaking out and leaders taking over their peoples’ rights. However, that didn’t last. Towards the end of World War II, the leading nations of the world decided to reconvene to reassess what needs to happen within their organization. Since then, they have worked immensely on human rights issues, fighting against poverty and hunger, and eradicate diseases globally.

Not only do they work together as world leaders, but they also get help and leadership from other organizations that specialize in their own specific fields of research like the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

They have done countless positive actions gearing towards a better world since it first being officially recognized on October 24, 1945. We have listed below 3 incredible issues that they have tackled successfully and are still gearing towards perfecting even today.

Reasons Why We Should Celebrate the UN:

  1. They Eliminated Polio.

Polio once left millions of children all over the world paralyzed. Thanks to the United Nations’ Global Polio Eradication initiative, they have helped prevent polio for generations of children.

2. They Gave Women a Voice.

Starting in 1995, the UN held the World Women Conference with 189 countries coming together to take a stand and begin agendas to promote and better women’s rights in their respective countries.

  1. They Are On a World Hunger Mission.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the European Union organized together in 2008 during the major food price crisis to provide $1 billion to combat hunger in 50 countries.

The United Nations may sometimes seem like they may just all be sitting at an oval table sipping coffee talking about the weather. But they really do put major work into what they do to ensure a better tomorrow for our future and to assist in giving people all around the globe a voice to injustices they are facing. Today, they are still working as hard as ever to give us all a healthier and safer world to live in.

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