The 2013 death of the Canadian student is the focus of many shows that depict the supernatural. With past and upcoming episodes, the answers are still as murky as the water she was discovered in.
Lam arrived in January 2013 for a week of California fun and sun at The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. This area was known to be a place where the homeless, drug abusers and prostitutes often stayed and had been where Elisa was residing leading up to her death and ultimate discovery of her nude body in a water tank atop the famously haunted hotel. There were several surveillance videos of her in a red hoodie on the day she presumably disappeared, all of which show bizarre and disturbing behaviors.

Not hearing from their daughter for days, the family filed a missing person report and the search began.

Known to be Bi-polar and be on prescribed medication, her family remains consistent that this is not the reason for her strange manners observed on video; where she appeared to be hiding from someone, frantically pushing buttons and cowering in the corner. Only after complaints from guests of the hotel regarding the water, a maintenance worker checked the water tanks on the locked rooftop. It was in one of those tanks her nude body was found. After the discovery, police dogs were brought in to retrace her path. The dogs tracked her scent to a fire escape window, once outside the window they could not detect her scent.

Her death was ruled as a drowning, no foul play…

How she managed to get onto the locked rooftop is itself a mystery, but how she climbed onto the tank and opened the hatch is very suspect, although the hatch is only twenty pounds, Lam herself was just over five feet tall and maybe one hundred ten pounds, making it very difficult and awkward to open the hatch while hanging on to the ladder with one hand, hold it open and climb in all the while suspected to be on her medication (which would make her weaker and disoriented, if anything.)

Also, where were her clothes? They were not recovered. So many little details about this case make no sense to authorities, her family, and conspiracy theorists around the world. Maybe this was a bad episode she happened to be going through, and maybe it could have been the supernatural being able to claim another mortal life.

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