On March 8, 2014, a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading to Beijing Capital International Airport went missing only 38 minutes after takeoff.

Even 5 years later, there is still no known cause as to what had happened on that fateful day. Although some debris that is believed to be from the aircraft was found in the Indian Ocean and on beaches, there is still no clear evidence of what made the plane crash.

When the plane was in the air for less than 40 minutes, the ground crew noticed that the plane altogether was not on their radar tracker anymore. They tried to patch through to the flight crew, with no response. A military radar was able to track the flight, but saw they were taking an obscure way that was not the usual track.

The disappearance of Flight 370 has made headlines around the world and the search for the recovery for the aircraft has been the most expensive in aviation history. Not only have researchers and other government officials made claims of knowing why the carrier went down, but it has sparked dozens of theories, globally.

The apparent and obvious one, for many, is that this was a terrorist attack. Although many researchers claim this is false, because if it was, they would want to do something similar like that of 9/11.

Another scientific theory that has sparked controversy for Boeing and the safety of aircraft, in general, was about the new 777 Boeing jets. These new carriers have been in the air for years now, but many pilots have come out and claimed that most of them have never received proper training on the new technology of the planes.

There are many reasons why and how Malaysia Flight 370 went down. But, because of the time that has passed since the crash, the water damage done to the plane (which would take away any evidence), and the lack of knowledge as to where the plane might be, we may never have a definite answer.

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