Also known as the Whitechapel Murderer or the Leather Apron – Jack the Ripper was a notorious, yet unidentified, serial killer in 1888 that took victims in and around the greater London area.
He was dubbed as “Jack the Ripper” as pretty much as the equivalent to John Doe – no one really knew who he was or could even identify him in a lineup. He was a stranger and London was under attack by his lethal and seemingly quiet activities…

Jack stayed around the impoverished area of Whitechapel in London’s East End from August to September of that year. It is believed that he had claimed 5 lives – but the actual amount is unknown because he very well could have been responsible for many more.

Being the second body of this early morning found in London’s Mitre Square on September 30, 1888, police found the mangled body of Catherine Eddowes with her throat slit and left kidney removed. Puzzled and terrified with their findings, they could recognize the signature slaying of the most wanted man in Europe – Jack the Ripper. The police could never catch a break with the case and ended up closing it in 1892.

The public became very aware of the impending danger that wandered in the streets of their beloved city. “Ripperologists” came up with their own theories – tracking down potential suspects to be people like Winston Churchill’s father, Lewis Carroll (author of Alice in Wonderland), and even Prince Albert who was second in line for the throne. There is some belief that this wasn’t even a man at all, but Mary Pearcey who was executed for killing her lover’s family in a similar manner as Jack the Ripper.

In recent 2019 DNA findings from a blood-stained scarf from all those 120 plus years ago, detectives believe they can name the ripper. Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski is assumed to be who was that mysterious killer from the 19th century. He had a history of mental health issues and for being institutionalized after attacking his sister with a knife. This isn’t a stretch for detectives, since he had been accused during the crimes but with no evidence to prove it, he was set free.

But the question still remains, is that really who Jack the Ripper was? Could they have it all wrong and the evidence be tampered with after all these years or is there some evidence out there pointing to an entire other person? We will never be certain, but maybe this can ease the minds of some.

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