SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, or coronavirus has turned the year 2020 on its head. This highly infectious disease is running rampant with no real end in sight. It began as a seasonal cold and would go away once it got warm again. However, with cases hitting record highs every day, there does not seem like there is a way to end this virus, not yet. This pandemic has been nothing short of chaotic for everyone, especially conspiracy theorists. Online forums are dedicated to the virus’ alleged origins and “true” nature – and there are many people who do not believe this virus came from a soup in Wuhan, China and they don’t believe this was just some pandemic accident.

COVID-19 Was Created in A Lab
Along with President Trump, many people claim that the virus did originate in Wuhan. However, COVID-19 was an attempt at an engineered bioweapon for population control. With accidental lab releases of some pathogens actually occurring, people want to believe this was one of those times except that it was intentional. It had to start in China due to their overpopulation already, but had it spread to the rest of the world. Some believe it is a Darwinism disease of only the strong, young, and able to survive.

It Was Created by The Elites to Get Rich
Whether it is either Trump, Bill Gates, or Oprah visiting Chinese laboratories, you may have heard that the elites of the world are the ones who funded this whole thing. In an attempt to make the lower classes have limited access to supplies and healthcare, they can come out on top and “help” everyone, thus looking like our saviors. That and they are also in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies to create a vaccine in order to leech money out of everyone in the world.

To go even further with Bill Gates, he apparently created this to also be the one who creates the vaccines that will “cure” everyone. However, these vaccines are just a way to insert trackers into every American to track them. Eventually, Gates will push for jurisdiction for the vaccine to be mandatory therefore no one can escape from this microchip tracking.

This Was Just A Distraction
Do you remember what was happening in the world before COVID? Yeah, neither does the person writing this. But if you take a look back a few months before March of 2020, you will notice some strange occurrences.

One instance is that celebrities and companies were being called out left and right for being part of sex trafficking children. Notably, the most infamous of these was the alleged suicide of socialite, Jeffrey Epstein, after being thrown in prison after having charges filed against him for soliciting sex from minors. Epstein and girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, had very elite friends who would travel to their exclusive island with them. There are many people they had on file who had engaged in illegal and deplorable activity with them, but the world may never know who now since we are all too concerned for our day to day health fighting against COVID-19. But whoever did not want to be outed on that list of people could very well have had a hand in dispersing the COVID-19 virus or at least help fund a virus that could get the world’s attention and cause chaos.

It Is the Great Reset/Start of The New World Order
The World Economic Forum has a page talking about the Great Reset, meaning that they want to help reset and reestablish a healthy, thriving economy. Many people don’t believe this good faith front. The WEF is a non-profit foundation where they connect influential people from around the world to help solve the world’s issues. This in nature, is very suspicious. The Great Reset was first thought of as a way to use a pandemic as an opportunity to rethink the way we do things and to bring to light how much we hate the way things are and eventually find ways to improve our quality of life. This theory is also very similar to The New World Order where we will be controlled by the government and elites to the point that we own nothing and they will exploit anything we have and force us to live this “ideal” life.

The Great Reset idea also can be traced to Biblical theories that God wanted another flood, like He did with Moses, where He gets rid of all of the people who aren’t helping society and spare those who are able bodied to improve Earth.

With COVID-19 running rampant again, it is hard not to believe some of these theories when it just won’t go away. Nothing that is written above is scientifically proven, so please, take these all with a grain of salt. There is no fundamental proof that any of these things are true, but maybe one day in the future, that just might change.

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