Arizona. Known for stunning sunsets, Saguaro cactus, and aliens? If you lived in the American Southwest in 1997, you know exactly what we are referring to. In the early evening hours of March 13, 1997, just as the sun had set to the West, Phoenix looked up at the sky and the city was forever haunted.

The length of Arizona was graced by the polarizing visual of an unidentified flying object, or UFO. What the majority of people saw was a triangular formation going across the Grand Canyon State, but what the folks of Phoenix saw were much different. A series of stationary lights in one singular row were just there. Floating. The residents of Phoenix were stunned by their brightness and the way they just would not move. At first glance, one would think it was a military plane doing their practices rounds from Luke Air Force Base in Northern Phoenix. But when the lights did not move for what felt like hours to the witnesses, they knew it was nothing that they had ever seen before. With a swift and quick motion, the lights continued on in their triangular shape down south to Sonora, Mexico where they were last spotted.

What could be a rational explanation of these lights? The United States Military attributed the lights that dangled over Phoenix to be part of their A-10 Warthog aircraft dropping flares from the sky. Yet no one has been able to confirm or deny this claim or the appearance of the V-shaped lights that entered and left the Phoenix metro area.

The people of Phoenix have never been the same since that night. It became a polarizing topic, taboo even in some households. Either you saw them or you didn’t, which could cause huge speculations for friends and families alike. The governor of Arizona at the time, Fife Symington, was one of the hundreds of witnesses and called the experience, “other worldly.” Just as the residents started to forget about the tales of The Phoenix Lights from 1997, they made a reappearance in April of 2008 where they changed from a square to triangle formation over a period of time before disappearing altogether. But is there any proof other than hearsay?

Yes, there is. People in Prescott, Arizona, a city about 90 minutes north of Phoenix, have few images of the strange lights that they sold to local news stations. There is also one video of poor quality that can still be seen on Youtube today. Being in 1997, it is not surprising that there was minimal footage. However, skip forward over a decade to the second event where there are numerous digital accounts of this activity that have been used as documentary footage for the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

What can be determined by a bunch of floating lights over the 5th largest city in America? Could it just have been the reflection of the bright city lights? Was it really military planes and flares? Or is there something truly other worldly going on that the folks in Arizona had a front row seat to witness?

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