Someone phone home to Roswell, New Mexico because July 2nd is World UFO Day!

This day is created for people all around the globe to join together and search the night sky for some suspicious activity.

We all have seen E.T. and how strange things can start to happen when exposed to the extra-terrestrial life for too long. But why is today World UFO Day?

This observation is held on July 2nd because this is the day back in 1947 that the “supposed” Roswell UFO Incident occurred. The United States government reported back that the crash was nothing more than an Army Air Force weather balloon that had crashed. Nonetheless, dozens of people around the area claimed to have seen a “flying disc” where the claimed “weather balloon” fell at.

However, some people also celebrate this on June 24 due to it being the first known date that a person in the United States, aviator Kenneth Arnold, claimed to have seen an obscure object light up the dark sky.

So go out there tonight and check what is happening beyond our home planet. Or maybe just binge-watch The X-Files with a UFO shaped pizza!

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