Smooches for you and you! Happy International Kissing Day!

Established back in 2006, this day was meant to celebrate kissing in all contexts! Typically in America, people tend not to kiss each other unless they are romantic partners. However, all over Europe, kissing one another is just a simple greeting! Did you know that friends in Italy and Greece, both men and women commonly kiss each other on the lips when greeting one another? While in countries like France, one light kiss on each cheek is a normal salutation.

Looking for ways to celebrate? Start your morning off by giving your loved one or your pet a kiss good morning! Kiss your friends on the cheek to greet them during the day. Are you a little more reserved and don’t go locking lips with everyone? No worries! Hand out Hershey kisses to your friends and family – they will get the picture!

But if you are going around kissing people all day – don’t forget a breath mint or two!

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