Now that you have taken you daughter, your dog, your spouse, and you houseplant all with you to work, it is your poet’s turn!

Take Your Poet to Work Day is a day where you get to highlight and educate those around you your favorite poet and their greatest works. It is also meant to encourage the poet that lives inside you to awaken and share with the world just exactly what they have hidden.

This holiday was also meant for people to make poetry fun for everyone. To have a platform so that people can share their ideas and opinions on other poet’s works, too. And also maybe discover your next favorite poem or poet!

People have gotten very creative and literal with this idea in the past years! They have printed out a cartoon version of their favorite poet, colored them in, glued them onto a popsicle stick, and literally brought them to work! They leave them in places that can be easily seen by coworkers like their pencil holder or leaning against their computers.

Open up that Twitter feed and let everyone see that you are a poet and you do indeed know it!

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