In honor of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s being born on this day back in 1797 – today we celebrate her unreal creation, Frankenstein.

This classic novel was actually first published with an anonymous author since women were not taken seriously as writers back in 1818. Shelley was a trailblazer in helping bring women out of the woodworks when it came to the arts.

The book combines science fiction and horror facets, along with some vibes of romance and action, there is no doubt that Frankenstein is a piece of literature that transcends time.

Dr. Frankenstein created his Creature, a cadaver that was brought to life through chemistry and a bolt of lightning. Through this legendary tale, we find that many monsters may not be the things that we think they are, but can actually be those who live amongst us.

How can you celebrate today? Well, grab Shelley’s masterpiece, plan out your Halloween costume in remembrance of the Monster, and cross your fingers for a thunderstorm to set the mood.

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