We the people, are celebrating the ratification of our nation’s Constitution on September 17th! On this day way back in 1787, thirty-nine of America’s leading founders (including our first president, Mr. George Washington!) signed this document to declare that all people born in the United States or have been naturalized, are in fact, citizens of this country.

The finalization of this historic document is one of the most important days in creating the foundation of American ideals, government, and fundamental laws. During the time of the 1700s, there was no country that was doing what America dared to do – let the people have a voice in its political matters. When our country’s constitution came to be, at that moment in time, there was truly nothing like that happening anywhere else in the world. We shook things up by saying we are allowing the people to have a voice in how their country is run and by whom. Eventually, we had others following suit.

It is important to still celebrate this holiday. Within today’s political climate, no matter what side of the spectrum anyone is, it is important to observe that because of this day in 1787, we have the ability to exercise any and all of these rights in which people are openly utilizing. We have the freedom to not only speak our opinions, but to just have an opinion. Our foundations are rooted in the Constitution, making it a day to remember in so that we can see how truly lucky we are and to look at how far we have come.

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