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Who Was Jack the Ripper?

Also known as the Whitechapel Murderer or the Leather Apron – Jack the Ripper was a notorious, yet unidentified, serial killer in 1888 that took victims in and around the greater London area. He was dubbed as “Jack the Ripper” as pretty much as the equivalent to John Doe – no one really knew who […]

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Malaysia Flight 370

On March 8, 2014, a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading to Beijing Capital International Airport went missing only 38 minutes after takeoff. Even 5 years later, there is still no known cause as to what had happened on that fateful day. Although some debris that is believed to be from the aircraft was […]

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The Illuminati of 1776

The Illuminati was a secret society founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. The purpose of this secret organization was to oppose religious beliefs as well as state influence on society. The group was meant to be a safe space for free speech and debate where men could work toward enlightenment. The organization began small with […]

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Elisa Lam

The 2013 death of the Canadian student is the focus of many shows that depict the supernatural. With past and upcoming episodes, the answers are still as murky as the water she was discovered in. Lam arrived in January 2013 for a week of California fun and sun at The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. […]

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The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart is one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century. Also known as Lady Lindy, Earhart set a number of aviation records for women. Earhart became interested in planes while attending Columbia University as a pre-med student. She attended an airshow where she took her first plane ride with Frank […]


7 Historical Mysteries From Around The World

Often when we think of historical events, our thoughts immediately turn to major incidents such as the Civil War or the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. But there is more to history than the major events that are taught in school. Regardless of what events they are and how long they’ve been around, scientists and other […]

Oct 24th is United Nations Day

October 24th is dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments and duties of the United Nations. We have over 70 years of history from this world-wide organization. They originally formed as an agreement from the Treaty of Versailles to help advocate against war breaking out and leaders taking over their peoples’ rights. However, that didn’t last. Towards […]

Oct 14th is Columbus Day

Remember being taught in elementary school, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492”? And over 500 years later we close down banks and don’t get any mail for this day! Well, today is the day we commemorate his travels that have discovered the New World of the Americas! In America, we consider this a federal […]

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Oct 9th is Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 9th probably shouldn’t be celebrated with an extra Beggin’ Strip! On this day back in 2011, it was declared a national epidemic that pets, now more than ever, are unhealthily overweight. The day is made to raise awareness to help pet owners far and wide to better learn what it means to have an […]

September 30 – National Love People Day

Although nowadays people tend to say they love their dogs (or cats!) more than they love people, why not change it up for a day? On September 30th we take the time to commemorate National Love People Day. Living in a day of age where we try to avoid people so much that we would […]