Also known as the Whitechapel Murderer or the Leather Apron – Jack the Ripper was a notorious, yet unidentified, serial killer in 1888 that took victims in and around the greater London area.
He was dubbed as “Jack the Ripper” as pretty much as the equivalent to John Doe – no one really knew who he was or could even identify him in a lineup. He was a stranger and London was under attack by his lethal and seemingly quiet activities…

Jack stayed around the impoverished area of Whitechapel in London’s East End from August to September of that year. It is believed that he had claimed 5 lives – but the actual amount is unknown because he very well could have been responsible for many more.

Being the second body of this early morning found in London’s Mitre Square on September 30, 1888, police found the mangled body of Catherine Eddowes with her throat slit and left kidney removed. Puzzled and terrified with their findings, they could recognize the signature slaying of the most wanted man in Europe – Jack the Ripper. The police could never catch a break with the case and ended up closing it in 1892.

The public became very aware of the impending danger that wandered in the streets of their beloved city. “Ripperologists” came up with their own theories – tracking down potential suspects to be people like Winston Churchill’s father, Lewis Carroll (author of Alice in Wonderland), and even Prince Albert who was second in line for the throne. There is some belief that this wasn’t even a man at all, but Mary Pearcey who was executed for killing her lover’s family in a similar manner as Jack the Ripper.

In recent 2019 DNA findings from a blood-stained scarf from all those 120 plus years ago, detectives believe they can name the ripper. Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski is assumed to be who was that mysterious killer from the 19th century. He had a history of mental health issues and for being institutionalized after attacking his sister with a knife. This isn’t a stretch for detectives, since he had been accused during the crimes but with no evidence to prove it, he was set free.

But the question still remains, is that really who Jack the Ripper was? Could they have it all wrong and the evidence be tampered with after all these years or is there some evidence out there pointing to an entire other person? We will never be certain, but maybe this can ease the minds of some.

On March 8, 2014, a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading to Beijing Capital International Airport went missing only 38 minutes after takeoff.

Even 5 years later, there is still no known cause as to what had happened on that fateful day. Although some debris that is believed to be from the aircraft was found in the Indian Ocean and on beaches, there is still no clear evidence of what made the plane crash.

When the plane was in the air for less than 40 minutes, the ground crew noticed that the plane altogether was not on their radar tracker anymore. They tried to patch through to the flight crew, with no response. A military radar was able to track the flight, but saw they were taking an obscure way that was not the usual track.

The disappearance of Flight 370 has made headlines around the world and the search for the recovery for the aircraft has been the most expensive in aviation history. Not only have researchers and other government officials made claims of knowing why the carrier went down, but it has sparked dozens of theories, globally.

The apparent and obvious one, for many, is that this was a terrorist attack. Although many researchers claim this is false, because if it was, they would want to do something similar like that of 9/11.

Another scientific theory that has sparked controversy for Boeing and the safety of aircraft, in general, was about the new 777 Boeing jets. These new carriers have been in the air for years now, but many pilots have come out and claimed that most of them have never received proper training on the new technology of the planes.

There are many reasons why and how Malaysia Flight 370 went down. But, because of the time that has passed since the crash, the water damage done to the plane (which would take away any evidence), and the lack of knowledge as to where the plane might be, we may never have a definite answer.

The Illuminati was a secret society founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. The purpose of this secret organization was to oppose religious beliefs as well as state influence on society. The group was meant to be a safe space for free speech and debate where men could work toward enlightenment.

The organization began small with only five members hand-picked by Weishaupt himself, but it didn’t stop there. Weishaupt’s goal was to spread the Illuminati doctrine to the highest members of society and ultimately influence political leaders or establish Illuminati members as political leaders themselves. To achieve his goal, Weishaupt joined a Freemasons group and began recruiting members. By 1784, it’s believed the society’s membership numbered around 2,000, spanning at least four different countries.

Membership in the Illuminati was very selective. Weishaupt only wanted those who truly believed in reaching enlightenment and were willing to dedicate themselves to the Illuminati ideals. The society was made even more mysterious by its many rituals and codes. The initiation ritual, for instance, was said to be a process of rebirth. During the ritual, an animal was sacrificed as a way to reveal death and life to the initiate. It’s said the member had to lie down on a table with an animal on his chest. The animal was killed and bled out onto the inductee, thus allowing the new member to fully understand death. Some believe the Illuminati even went so far as to practice human sacrifice during this ritual.

The Illuminati had other mystifying customs besides animal sacrifice. Members were usually given nicknames and correspondence was written using ciphers. Weishaupt, for instance, was often referred to as Spartacus in official Illuminati writings.

As the society grew, it became more difficult to keep quiet and avoid the government’s eye. Much of the Illuminati’s teachings opposed government leadership, which the Bavarian government did not appreciate. The government began intercepting Illuminati correspondence and eventually banned secret societies in the country.. Threatened by the power and reach of the Illuminati, however, the government took their edict a step further and in 1785 specifically banned the Illuminati.

When the Illuminati was banned from Bavaria, Weishaupt was forced to leave his position as a professor at the University of Ingolstadt. He settled in another part of Germany called Gotha where he continued to spread his ideas. Even though the Illuminati seemingly disappeared after it was banned from Bavaria in 1784, it was by no means forgotten.

The secrecy of the organization paired with its mystical rituals has inspired numerous conspiracy theories, TV shows, movies, and novels over the years. Many people even believe the Illuminati still exists and runs much of the world events from behind the scenes. A few of the most well-known events conspiracy theorists believe were orchestrated by the Illuminati include the French Revolution, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the moon landing, and Watergate, just to name a few. Some people even suspect the organization includes some of the world’s most powerful leaders.

The 2013 death of the Canadian student is the focus of many shows that depict the supernatural. With past and upcoming episodes, the answers are still as murky as the water she was discovered in.
Lam arrived in January 2013 for a week of California fun and sun at The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. This area was known to be a place where the homeless, drug abusers and prostitutes often stayed and had been where Elisa was residing leading up to her death and ultimate discovery of her nude body in a water tank atop the famously haunted hotel. There were several surveillance videos of her in a red hoodie on the day she presumably disappeared, all of which show bizarre and disturbing behaviors.

Not hearing from their daughter for days, the family filed a missing person report and the search began.

Known to be Bi-polar and be on prescribed medication, her family remains consistent that this is not the reason for her strange manners observed on video; where she appeared to be hiding from someone, frantically pushing buttons and cowering in the corner. Only after complaints from guests of the hotel regarding the water, a maintenance worker checked the water tanks on the locked rooftop. It was in one of those tanks her nude body was found. After the discovery, police dogs were brought in to retrace her path. The dogs tracked her scent to a fire escape window, once outside the window they could not detect her scent.

Her death was ruled as a drowning, no foul play…

How she managed to get onto the locked rooftop is itself a mystery, but how she climbed onto the tank and opened the hatch is very suspect, although the hatch is only twenty pounds, Lam herself was just over five feet tall and maybe one hundred ten pounds, making it very difficult and awkward to open the hatch while hanging on to the ladder with one hand, hold it open and climb in all the while suspected to be on her medication (which would make her weaker and disoriented, if anything.)

Also, where were her clothes? They were not recovered. So many little details about this case make no sense to authorities, her family, and conspiracy theorists around the world. Maybe this was a bad episode she happened to be going through, and maybe it could have been the supernatural being able to claim another mortal life.

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart is one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century. Also known as Lady Lindy, Earhart set a number of aviation records for women.

Earhart became interested in planes while attending Columbia University as a pre-med student. She attended an airshow where she took her first plane ride with Frank Hawks. From that moment on, she knew she was meant to become a pilot and started working to make her dream into reality.

It was only about a month after the airshow in January of 1921 that Earhart began her flying lessons. She was an avid aviation student and read every book on flying she could get her hands on. She also spent the majority of her time at the airfield. While she wasn’t at the airfield, she was working one of the many jobs that helped pay for her flying lessons.

Earhart was so dedicated to flying that she managed to purchase a second-hand biplane the same summer she started lessons. Her plane was bright yellow and she nicknamed it “The Canary.” It was in The Canary that she set her first aviation record by becoming the first woman to fly solo above 14,000 feet.

Earhart went on to set many other records for women in the field of aviation including the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean, first to fly solo and nonstop across the United States, and she was the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to the United States mainland. All of these achievements were monumental for Earhart and women everywhere, but Earhart was determined to set even more records.

On June 1, 1937, shortly before her 40th birthday, Earhart began a flight around the world. She had completed the majority of her trip when she touched down in New Guinea on June 29. The last 7,000-mile leg of the trip lay before her and she was scheduled to make her next stop at Howland Island to refuel.

She departed for the island on July 2 to cloudy weather and disappeared en route.

The day she took off for the island, the skies were overcast with occasional rain showers which made navigation more difficult. Her radio transmissions were also problematic. The transmissions were faint and often interrupted by static, but even more alarming was the fact that Earhart didn’t seem to be receiving the guiding radio transmissions sent from her contact during the flight.

It’s unclear what happened to Earhart during this last bit of her trip. Many theories have been proposed about what happened to her, but none have ever been confirmed. One of the most common theories is that Earhart’s plane ran out of gas as she searched for Howland Island and she crashed into the ocean somewhere near her destination. Another hypothesis suggests she veered off-course and landed 350 miles Southwest on uninhabited Gardner Island where she eventually succumbed to the elements.

An extensive search and rescue mission commenced after she never reached Howland Island, but her body and plane were never recovered. Over the years, Earhart has been the inspiration for numerous books and movies. She may not have achieved her goal of flying around the world, but she still made great strides in the world of aviation and for women everywhere.

Often when we think of historical events, our thoughts immediately turn to major incidents such as the Civil War or the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. But there is more to history than the major events that are taught in school. Regardless of what events they are and how long they’ve been around, scientists and other experts aren’t giving up on solving the biggest mysteries of our time and those that came before us, especially ones that are a mixture of legend and actual history.

Here are 7 examples of dated historical mysteries that are sure to make you wonder.


1.    Lost Tombs Of The Maccabees

Almost 150 years ago, a search was initiated for the lost tombs of the Maccabees. Those who took part included scholars, experts, travelers, and so on. However, nothing ever came of the search, and it continues to this day. In 2015, an archaeological discovery at the Horbat Ha-Gardi site near Modi’in was thought to be the tomb in question, but that turned out to be another dead end. The family that piqued the interest of experts worldwide consisted of a Jewish priest named Mattathias and his five sons, who rebelled against the pagan rule of the Hellenistic Seleucids. When the priest died, his son Judah continued the campaign and eventually successfully freed Judea from the Seleucids and ensured the liberation of the temple. During the reinstatement or rededication of the temple, the festival of Hanukkah was born. After the temple was rededicated, the five sons of Mattathias continued to fight for more territory, each eventually dying one by one after taking over the throne. It is their lost tombs that are still the center of a fervent search by archaeologists today. For now, the location of these royal tombs remains a mystery.


2.    Our Lady of Guadalupe

On December 9th, 1531, 57 year old Juan Diego was on his way to church in Tenochtitlan, Mexico when he suddenly heard music near Tepeyac Hill. At first he thought that it was bird song, but before long Diego wondered if he was actually hearing a heavenly chorus. Soon, the music faded away and instead, Diego began to her the voice of a woman, calling his name from the top of Tepeyac Hill. Diego made his way to the top where he encountered a girl who in appearance seemed to be around 15 years old. She seemed to give off a glowing light that lit up the area, and she was dressed in an attractive red and gold gown and a star studded turquoise cloak. While Diego stood gaping at the apparition, the girl told him that she was “the Virgin Mary, mother of the true God who gives life.” Mary went on to tell Juan Diego to build a church on the hill, so that others could come and receive comfort and guidance. She then told Diego to pay a visit to Don Fray Juan de Zumaraga, the bishop of Mexico and tell him that the Virgin Mary wanted a church built. Juan Diego made his way to the bishop and in time was granted an audience. He relayed Mary’s desire to have a church built to the bishop, but the bishop promptly shot him down, stating that he wasn’t willing to consider such a project based on a whimsical vision. Diego headed home, feeling that he had failed. Along the way he once again encountered Mary and he told her of his encounter with the bishop. Once again, Mary instructed him to approach the bishop. Diego did as he was bid and this time the bishop was more willing to hear Diego out. He told Diego to ask Mary for a miraculous sign to prove her identity. The bishop then sent two servants to follow Diego home and deliver a full report to him of what took place. The servants attempted to follow Diego, but they lost sight of him and had to report back to the bishop that they had failed at their task.While the servants were reporting their failure, Diego was once again approached by the vision of Mary. He explained that the bishop required a miraculous sign. Mary instructed Diego to return at dawn the next day to receive the sign. Unfortunately, Diego’s uncle fell ill and he was unable to return to Mary at the appointed time. When he made his way back to Tepeyac Hill, not only did Mary forgive him, but she also healed his uncle. She then instructed Diego to go to the top of the hill and gather the flowers that grew there. Diego climbed the hill, even though it was winter and there was frost on the ground. He didn’t expect to find any flowers, but surprisingly, he found that roses were growing on the hill. He gathered the flowers into his tilma (poncho) and took them back to the Virgin.

Mary arranged the flowers into a pattern onto Diego’s poncho and then helped him to put it back on, tying the corners around his neck to hold the roses. She then sent Diego back to the bishop, telling him not to show the roses to anyone along the way. The bishop was shocked when Diego presented the roses. He had secretly prayed for a sign of roses, and here they were, but even more stunning was the tilma itself. Where the roses had rested, there now was a beautiful image of the Virgin Mary imprinted on the poncho. The symbolism in the image was very specific, easily conveying a message of love to the natives of Mexico. The image was displayed in the local cathedral until Mary’s church could be built. Over a period of seven years from the time the image was first displayed, it was estimated that approximately 8 million pagan Mexicans converted to Christianity. The image is still on display today at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. So is the image a true miracle? Millions of people seem to think so. The cloak, which is made of cactus fibers, has shown no sign of disintegration, and it’s been noted that the image of a bearded man can be seen in the right eye of the image of Mary, leading the devout to believe that it’s a reflection of what she saw in 1531 – Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill.

3.    The Red Queen

In 1994, archaeologist Arnoldo Gonzales Cruz and his team discovered a burial chamber in Temple XIII in the ruins of Palenque in Southern Mexico. Inside the chamber, they discovered a sarcophagus and an intact tomb. At one end of the sarcophagus, they found the skeleton of a young boy; at the other, they found the skeleton of a woman in her thirties. It is thought that they were sacrificed in order to accompany the woman whose remains were found inside the sarcophagus to the afterlife.[10]The skeleton inside the sarcophagus was covered in red dust, leading to it being nicknamed the Red Queen. Alongside it, Cruz and his team found a collection of jade and pearl objects. A diadem of jade beads was found around the skull as well as remains of what had been a funeral mask. Unfortunately, none of the findings pointed to the identity of the woman. Studies conducted on the remains revealed that she had been around 60 when she died and that she loved eating meat. It is believed that she was an important person, considering that her burial chamber was located next to that of Pakal the Great. The remains have since been returned to Palenque, and the research into her identity continues.

October 9th probably shouldn’t be celebrated with an extra Beggin’ Strip! On this day back in 2011, it was declared a national epidemic that pets, now more than ever, are unhealthily overweight. The day is made to raise awareness to help pet owners far and wide to better learn what it means to have an obese pet and what they can do to help benefit their pet for a long and healthy life.

When a pet is obese, it is kind of clear to see. It can be little things like noticing their harness doesn’t fit like it used to, their collar is getting a little hidden in those neck rolls, and it’s harder for them to go up and down the stairs without breathing heavily. But you should never diagnose your animal yourself without having a professional veterinarian’s diagnostic and further instructions, as well. So, what can you do as easy, at-home precautions?

Just like humans, we can help them watch their food intake and encourage daily exercise.

When it comes to your pet’s diet, look at the ingredients that are being added to their kibble, wet food, and/or treats. Ingredients like added sugars and other fatty products could be a result of your pet’s weight gain. Try to opt for more foods that have natural products listed, rather than a whole list of things that no one can even pronounce. You can even make your pet’s food at home with just a few simple foods you may just have lying around the house. Whip together some whole-grain rice, boiled chicken, carrots, and peas. Use frozen blueberries and edamame as tasty treats through the day or while training. Just like humans, because you’re on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean eat less, but eat healthier! These little swaps in your pet’s diet not only help them lose weight but are also beneficial when it comes to eyesight, softer coats, and helping retain hydration!

Is your pet a couch potato? Doesn’t like to walk even if you do have a pocket full of tater tots for them? That’s ok! Try taking them to your local dog park or open field and have them go exploring! If they don’t feel confined to a leash or see you walking around too, they’ll feel more confident is walking (and maybe running!) around. Try to go for daily strolls so that both you and your pet are moving about!

There is nothing wrong with spoiling your pet – we all do it! But we have to be aware of when too much is becoming too much on our pets’ bodies. We want them to live as long as they can so we can help by providing them a healthy and active lifestyle to the best of our abilities to ensure many years with our fur-babies!


In honor of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s being born on this day back in 1797 – today we celebrate her unreal creation, Frankenstein.

This classic novel was actually first published with an anonymous author since women were not taken seriously as writers back in 1818. Shelley was a trailblazer in helping bring women out of the woodworks when it came to the arts.

The book combines science fiction and horror facets, along with some vibes of romance and action, there is no doubt that Frankenstein is a piece of literature that transcends time.

Dr. Frankenstein created his Creature, a cadaver that was brought to life through chemistry and a bolt of lightning. Through this legendary tale, we find that many monsters may not be the things that we think they are, but can actually be those who live amongst us.

How can you celebrate today? Well, grab Shelley’s masterpiece, plan out your Halloween costume in remembrance of the Monster, and cross your fingers for a thunderstorm to set the mood.

The assumed death of (so really the disappearance of) the Sodder children, Christmas Eve 1945, West Virginia has been mystifying officials to this day since the day they went missing.

George and Jennie Sodder had ten children with the eldest away fighting in World War II overseas. During the night of Christmas Eve 1945, a fire destroyed their home. George, Jennie, and four of the children escaped the fire, all the while leaving five of the children unaccounted for. After a search and an investigation – it was determined that the other children perished in the inferno. Although no remains were ever discovered the official report declared they had died as a result of an accidental fire, where it was claimed that it was caused by faulty electrical wiring.

The Sodder family never believed their children were dead, and searched for them until the time of their deaths. With reported sightings from local residents of the children being with two men and two women of Italian heritage, the family put billboards of the children along highways leading into and out of the West Virginia area. Yet no information was ever further investigated by law enforcement.

A disgruntled insurance salesman was rumored to have threatened George with a message stating; ‘a fire is going to burn your house to the ground, and your children will be destroyed,’ when he declined to buy any policies from him. Another grim theory is that George was very vocal about his dislike for Italy’s Facist leader, Mussolini, and that the Sicilian Mafia had kidnapped five of the children and then started the fire.

The night of the fire, Jennie received a phone call at 1:00 a.m. from a woman whose voice she did not recognize. She awakened with a loud thud and rolling sound on the rooftop; thirty minutes prior to the smell of smoke causing panic and the evacuation of George, Jennie, and the four surviving children.

To all of you who have always struggled with right-handed desks in school – this one’s for you!

Did you know that only 10% of the population is left-handed?! You are a rare find, my friend.

This day got started in 1992 in the United Kingdom – their “Left-Handers Club” was established to increase awareness about the small, left-handed society. According to the group’s website, August 13th is a day where “left-handers everywhere can celebrate [themselves] and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.”

There has not been any scientific proof that genetics play any role in a person having “SouthPaws” (or another nickname for left-handers!) However, what has been found in Lefties brains is that they have a more active right side of their brain. This means, statistically, they are more creative than right-handed people. And don’t even think for a second you will be able to hit a curveball thrown by a leftie!

Although rare, there is no evidence that says that those of us with SouthPaws are going anywhere anytime soon! In fact, scientists believe that they may be the only sect of people that could survive a “survival of the fittest” scenario.

So, does this mean that those with the dominant left hand, have the upper hand?