The 2013 death of the Canadian student is the focus of many shows that depict the supernatural. With past and upcoming episodes, the answers are still as murky as the water she was discovered in.
Lam arrived in January 2013 for a week of California fun and sun at The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. This area was known to be a place where the homeless, drug abusers and prostitutes often stayed and had been where Elisa was residing leading up to her death and ultimate discovery of her nude body in a water tank atop the famously haunted hotel. There were several surveillance videos of her in a red hoodie on the day she presumably disappeared, all of which show bizarre and disturbing behaviors.

Not hearing from their daughter for days, the family filed a missing person report and the search began.

Known to be Bi-polar and be on prescribed medication, her family remains consistent that this is not the reason for her strange manners observed on video; where she appeared to be hiding from someone, frantically pushing buttons and cowering in the corner. Only after complaints from guests of the hotel regarding the water, a maintenance worker checked the water tanks on the locked rooftop. It was in one of those tanks her nude body was found. After the discovery, police dogs were brought in to retrace her path. The dogs tracked her scent to a fire escape window, once outside the window they could not detect her scent.

Her death was ruled as a drowning, no foul play…

How she managed to get onto the locked rooftop is itself a mystery, but how she climbed onto the tank and opened the hatch is very suspect, although the hatch is only twenty pounds, Lam herself was just over five feet tall and maybe one hundred ten pounds, making it very difficult and awkward to open the hatch while hanging on to the ladder with one hand, hold it open and climb in all the while suspected to be on her medication (which would make her weaker and disoriented, if anything.)

Also, where were her clothes? They were not recovered. So many little details about this case make no sense to authorities, her family, and conspiracy theorists around the world. Maybe this was a bad episode she happened to be going through, and maybe it could have been the supernatural being able to claim another mortal life.

The assumed death of (so really the disappearance of) the Sodder children, Christmas Eve 1945, West Virginia has been mystifying officials to this day since the day they went missing.

George and Jennie Sodder had ten children with the eldest away fighting in World War II overseas. During the night of Christmas Eve 1945, a fire destroyed their home. George, Jennie, and four of the children escaped the fire, all the while leaving five of the children unaccounted for. After a search and an investigation – it was determined that the other children perished in the inferno. Although no remains were ever discovered the official report declared they had died as a result of an accidental fire, where it was claimed that it was caused by faulty electrical wiring.

The Sodder family never believed their children were dead, and searched for them until the time of their deaths. With reported sightings from local residents of the children being with two men and two women of Italian heritage, the family put billboards of the children along highways leading into and out of the West Virginia area. Yet no information was ever further investigated by law enforcement.

A disgruntled insurance salesman was rumored to have threatened George with a message stating; ‘a fire is going to burn your house to the ground, and your children will be destroyed,’ when he declined to buy any policies from him. Another grim theory is that George was very vocal about his dislike for Italy’s Facist leader, Mussolini, and that the Sicilian Mafia had kidnapped five of the children and then started the fire.

The night of the fire, Jennie received a phone call at 1:00 a.m. from a woman whose voice she did not recognize. She awakened with a loud thud and rolling sound on the rooftop; thirty minutes prior to the smell of smoke causing panic and the evacuation of George, Jennie, and the four surviving children.

As if we needed another excuse to bash on Florida, we celebrate our shared hatred for the state today! February 18 is Hate Florida Day, but why today?

So, with it being the midst of February aka THE WORST MONTH FOR WINTER, most of the country covered in freezing temperatures and snow up to their elbows. Most that is – except for Florida. More times than not during this time of year, Florida is out on their own enjoying the beaches and sunshine while the rest of us are bundled up looking like the Michelin Man. That’s really not fair. We didn’t ask for winter to be this cruel. But for some reason, Florida is graced with wonderful weather all year long.

But, how are we supposed to celebrate a day that we kind of already passively celebrate? For starters, some people actually will go down to Florida to hide away from their cold and dreary winter-filled lives. Nonetheless, if you don’t have the extra cash and a long weekend to plan a spur of the moment trip to Florida, then you can playfully make fun of the state in your own way. May we suggest posting Facebook posts that include, “We may have 6 feet of snow, but at least we don’t have the terrifying ‘Florida Man’ that are the strangest breed of people on the planet.” But seriously – just be glad you don’t have Florida Men running around, breaking into people’s house just to suck their toes. Yikes.

Just remember, all this is in good fun. We don’t need anyone going down to Florida and burning the place down. They’ll do it themselves! 😉

To celebrate the birth of one of the greatest known scholars and scientists of all time, International Charles Darwin Day is every year on February 12th. On the official website of Darwin Day at, today is a day to “celebrate intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, and the hunger for truth.”

Charles Darwin rose to international prominence and became an eternal figure from his studies and the publication of his book, On the Origin of Species. Scientists from around the world found his work on evolution to be the first of its kind in that high of a regard. Darwin spent most of his life denouncing the idea that we just “became” and the humans one day existed. His work was to prove that we come from a long line of ancient apes. He celebrated science and all things regarding human history – he wanted to make his mark on his part of humanity to help direct where we came from to aid in where we are heading.

On his 100th birthday in 1909, the celebration of his life became seemingly more popular from prior years. So, the tradition stuck around for philosophers, scientists, and even artists to come together to remember the life and legacy of Darwin.

Many have celebrated the day by inspiring people to reflect on human history. All that we have gone through, what we are going through, and what is yet to come. May we all have the strength to carry on with the hunger for truth just as Darwin once did.

This offbeat holiday is to be remembered for its essence of adventure and heroic actions! February 1st commemorates the anniversary of the rescue of Alexander Selkirk in 1709.

Selkirk was a Scottish sailor who had been put nearly banished to the uninhabited shore of the island of Juan Fernandez after a nasty spat with his captain. His adventures there believed to be the basis for Daniel Defoe’s book Robinson Crusoe. This novel is regarded as a piece of children’s literature, however, many literary scholars believe this to be a real masterpiece of the human spirit and the willpower that can be found within anyone. This book has been praised by even the most obscure of people like economists, political scientists, and philosophers. The main issues within Crusoe’s plot can heat up discussions on what are basic human needs, the unfair hierarchy of social organizations, the regime of religious opinions, and real-world issues that would occur if the primitive man meets the construct of modern-day civilization. It is a nod to the introduction to modern, Western culture – with all its turmoil and progress.

Because of this book, many debates of humanity and free will have been brought to light as well as what it means to be human. It brings issues that even modern-day philosophers can realize and bring answers to fruition due to our current worldwide circumstances. This can be said about other time periods since the book’s release.

Back in 1999, it is dedicated that this day be a day honored as a “day to be adventurous and self-reliant” via Chase’s 1999 Calendar of Events. So to celebrate this day, many go out and try something new or introduce themselves to a new way of life or culture. This should even be encouraged to branch even outside of February 1st!

Despite advances in science and technology, some things just seem to elude us. One of these is mysteries. Mysteries are very interesting puzzles which we all like to contemplate or find answers to. But do we ever proffer answers to these puzzles? Well—yes—but usually in the form of assumptions. True, some mysteries have been unraveled, but most still elude us. That’s the quality about them we enjoy.

Here, we have listed the 5 most creepy and puzzling mysteries of the 20th century. Attempts have been made at providing the right explanations to them, but none have been convincing enough. Do you have what it takes to crack these puzzles? Okay, check them out below.

  1. The Benfica Curse

Also known as the Curse of Bela Guttman, this perhaps one of the strangest mysteries in football.

It was said that in 1962, Benfica head-coach, Bela Guttman had placed a curse on the club after they had refused his request for salary increment, despite leading them to two consecutive trophy victories in two successive years. Furious, he left the club and placed a curse on them that “not in a hundred years from now will Benfica ever be European champion.”

Benfica fans believe the curse has been in effect after they had been to European finals and lost to the following teams AC Milan (twice), Inter Milan, Manchester United, PSV Eindhoven, Anderlecht, Chelsea, and Sevilla.

Benfica fans will have to console themselves that there’s now only 43 years to go.

  1. Bermuda Triangle

This one is a real shocker. Science and technology have failed to come up with answers or even sensible clues. Heard about Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle is a region in the ocean between the following points Miama, Bermuda and Puerto Rica. It is said that aeroplanes malfunction when they fly over or close to this region, while ships get lost completely.

Explanations have been put forward for this strange occurrence, but none have been proved correct.

  1. Persian Princess

This is a strange unresolved mystery of a falsified mummy. It happened in 2000, when a Pakistani man claimed that he had discovered a Persian mummy. However, investigations revealed that the so-called mummy was not ancient and had been alive back in 1996. Her body indicated signs of serious physical abuse and it was assumed that she must have been a victim of a gang assault, who had killed her and decided to make money from their setup.

But who was the woman and the gang?

  1. The Taos Hum

In Taos, New Mexico, a certain strange sound similar to the sound of a distant engine is often heard off in the horizon. Perhaps, this phenomenon seems even stranger when we consider that the sound can be heard clearly by the human ears, but cannot be picked up by sound detecting instruments.

Till date, no correct explanation for this Taos Hum phenomenon has been given.

  1. The Ghost Road

In Gurdon, Arkansas, there’s this concern about the mysterious light floating near the railroad tracks. Called the Gurdon Light, this light has been seen by a lot of people so often that they now see it as normal. The puzzle, though, is that there are no reasonable explanations for this phenomenon.

A lot of stories have been put forward, trying to solve the puzzle. The most commonly told legend holds that it is the ghost of a railroad foreman who had been murdered by his employee. People tend to believe this one more, because the light started appearing not long after the murder.

So far, no rational explanation for this mystery has been known.

20-уеаr оld рilоt, Frеdеriсk Vаlеntiсh, wаѕ attempting tо rack uр flуing timе fоr hiѕ соmmеrсiаl liсеnѕе, flуing his ѕinglе еnginе Cеѕѕnа 182 tо King Iѕlаnd ѕоmе 130 miles south of Melbourne Australia. Hе failed to touch dоwn аt thе King Field airstrip on ѕсhеdulе. At 1906 hiѕ last radio transmission wаѕ rесеivеd by Mеlbоurnе Flight Sеrviсе Control on Sаturdау, Oсtоbеr 21, which makes thiѕ diѕарреаrаnсе unique in thе аnnаlѕ of аviаtiоn hiѕtоrу.

Just bеfоrе hiѕ vоiсе wаѕ аbruрtlу cut оff аftеr making соntасt with Mеlbоurnе flight controllers, Valentich rероrtеd hе соuld see fоur bright grееn lights- 1,000 feet аbоvе his роѕitiоn: “It iѕ approaching frоm due east tоwаrd me, it seems tо be рlауing some ѕоrt of gаmе, flying at a ѕрееd I find imроѕѕiblе to estimate” And thеn: “It is not аirсrаft, it iѕ… ” Finаllу a lоng silence, broken whеn communication wаѕ initiаtеd bу grоund соntrоl asking fоr an idеntifiсаtiоn оf the object in question. Thе уоung рilоt’ѕ аnѕwеr: “It’ѕ nоt аn аirсrаft… “аnd the соntасt wаѕ lоѕt… реrmаnеntlу.

An intеnѕivе land, sea and air search wаѕ bеgun by the Australian Nаvу аnd Air Fоrсе, сеntеrеd оn Bass Strаit, 130 milеѕ south оf Mеlbоurnе аnd 25milеѕ nоrth оf King Iѕlаnd, thе point оf Vаlеntiсh’ѕ lаѕt rаdiо соntасt. But the ѕеаrсh fаilеd tо turn out any trace оf the pilot оr hiѕ аirсrаft. It was dеtеrminеd thаt wеаthеr соnditiоnѕ at thе timе оf diѕарреаrаnсе wеrе idеаl, with almost unlimitеd visibility аnd a mild breeze. Thе рilоt’ѕ father Guidо Valentich ѕtrоnglу believed hiѕ ѕоn wаѕ ѕtill alive—that he wаѕ bеing hеld by ѕоmеоnе frоm аnоthеr world. Mоrе importantly, thе еldеr Vаlеntiсh said his ѕоn hаd been intеrеѕtеd in UFOѕ fоr mаnу years аnd еvеn rероrtеd ѕighting оnе about 10 mоnthѕ before. Thеrе were numеrоuѕ оthеr witnesses whо саllеd роliсе thаt same night claiming to have seen a UFO оn Sаturdау night. Aссоrding to a Royal Australian Air Force ѕроkеѕmаn, аbоut 10 rероrtѕ of UFO sightings wеrе logged during the same weekend оf the disappearance.

Thiѕ whоlе mуѕtеrу got аn еvеn mоrе bizarre twist years lаtеr. Aссоrding tо thе tеѕtimоnу оf a numbеr of witnesses, a young mаn whо idеntifiеd himѕеlf аѕ Frеdеriсk Vаlеntiсh, thе Auѕtrаliаn рilоt who mуѕtеriоuѕlу diѕарреаrеd in 1978 wаѕ аlivе and well in 1990 аt Plаzа dеl Charco, a rеѕоrt on the iѕlаnd of Tenerife in thе Cаnаrу Islands. Diѕрlауing an Australian раѕѕроrt tо prove his сlаim, Vаlеntiсh tоld thоѕе with whom hе ѕроkе оn ѕеvеrаl occasions thаt hе nоw bеlоngеd tо a grоuр оf humаnѕ who had bееn “recruited” bу extraterrestrials. It iѕ аlѕо wоrth noting thаt thе ѕuрроѕеd Valentich ѕhоwеd nо ѕignѕ оf aging, and rеѕеmblеd thе рhоtоѕ сirсulаtеd аrоund thе timе of his diѕарреаrаnсе аt thе аgе оf 20. Prеttу bizarre huh? I аm аlѕо vеrу curious what Vаlаntiсh wаѕ dоing there аt this rеѕоrt. Did thе aliens give him a few dауѕ off?

Young adult books and teen novels are crazy hot right now. One only has to look at the enormous popularity of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series or Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels to realize that YA novels are flying off of bookshelves and being devoured on Kindles all over the world. But really, some of the best young adult writers made their mark decades ago. Authors like Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary became household names years before Suzanne Collins even thought about creating Katniss Everdeen and The Hunger Games or J.K. Rowling created the Harry Potter fantasy series. If you’re looking for some classic YA fantasy writers, for example, J.R.R. Tolkien can’t be beat! Top young adult authors are emerging every day, so keep your eye out for new talent as well! Some authors primarily wrote adult novels before they crossed over into YA books. Carl Hiaasen, for example, was already an established adult fiction writer before he penned the children’s novel Hoot (and won himself a Newbery Honor Award). Many of the writers on this list are Newbery Medal literary award winners, including Neil Gaiman, Beverly Cleary and Madeleine L’Engle. They are considered some of the famous young adult authors in fiction.

Who are the best young adult authors? This list will give you an idea of who the best authors for adults are. Some good authors who writes for teens include John Green, Veronica Roth, and Cassandra Clare.

Whether you’re looking for the best young adult fantasy book writers, current Young Adult releases, or super-hot YA authors, this list represents some of the best talent out there when it comes to young adult writing. Enjoy, and happy reading!

  1. K. Rowling

Joanne “Jo” Rowling, OBE FRSL, pen names J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. The books have gained worldwide attention, won multiple awards, and sold more than 400 million copies. They have become the best-selling book series in history and been the basis for a series of films which became the highest-grossing film …more on Wikipedia

Works: Harry Potter series

Birthplace: Yate, United Kingdom

Nationality: United Kingdom, England

  1. Rick Riordan

Richard Russell “Rick” Riordan, Jr. is an American author best known for writing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. He also wrote the adult mystery series Tres Navarre and helped edit Demigods and Monsters, a collection of essays on his Percy Jackson series. He helped develop the ten books of The 39 Clues series and wrote the first book in the series, The Maze of Bones. In 2012, he complete…more on Wikipedia

Works: Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas, United States of America

Nationality: United States of America

  1. Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Marie Collins is an American television writer and novelist, best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy.

Works: The Hunger Games series, The Underland Chronicles

Birthplace: Connecticut

Nationality: United States of America

What do we really know about the infamous Jimmy Hoffa? When it comes to his extensive history in creating the modern-day Union, we may know a lot. However, when it comes to his disappearance, what do we really know? Was it an inside job? A suicide? Maybe the decades-old fable of the Mafia taking him out is the truth. All we have to go off of are facts and maybe a few bended truths.

James (Jimmy) Hoffa spent the majority of his life living in the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. At just 14 years old, he left school to help support his family by working full-time manual labor jobs. He married his wife, Josephine, at 23 and went on to have two children together.

With his job at a grocery chain that provided poor working conditions with bogus wages and little job security, the worker began their union. Even though he was one of the youngest people there, Hoffa’s charisma and charm paid off for him to pass as reliable and trustworthy – eventually becoming a leader in the new Union. He resigned from his job at the grocery chain and was asked to become a crucial leader and organizer with Local 299 of the Teamsters in his local area.

The Teamsters were ultimately a group of other union workers and Hoffa dedicated years to creating this group to be large and powerful. He worked to consolidate local union trucker groups and warehousemen into the overall, national body of the union. Hoffa is credited for bringing the membership from 75,000 in 1933 to over one million by 1951. Because of the power of numbers along with Hoffa’s demeanor, he was able to leverage companies and win over critical and well-paying contracts that these workers sought out for. Their presence in the workforce made them one of the most powerful unions in North America.

However, creating allies with large trucking and warehouse associations put Hoffa in a compromising position. Organized crime rings typically handled those variations of work where the leaders were mobsters and gangsters that didn’t like outside folk crowding on their turf. Especially if those people were offering them better incomes and work environments. With Hoffa in their sphere taking and expanding their men, he had to embark on many trades and late-night discussions with the head honchos – especially those in the Detroit area. Hoffa went on to extend the Teamsters’ influence from the Midwest to every corner in the United States and Canada. However, as his union grew, so did rage from outside groups.

Things started to get rough for Hoffa starting in 1957 when he faced his first arrest for allegedly trying to bribe an aide to the Select Committee where he denied the charges and was later acquitted. However, that arrest was just the snowflake that set off the avalanche. In 1963, Hoffa was charged with jury tampering and attempted bribery of a grand juror during his 1962 trial in Nashville. He went on to serve 8 years in prison. While on bail, Hoffa was sentenced an additional 5 years for conspiracy as well as mail and wire fraud from the Teamsters’ fund.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon commuted Hoffa’s less than five-year sentence as “time served” and was released. By 1973, Hoffa had plans to rejoin his fellow Teamsters’ and reclaim his presidency. He was not favored by his union anymore and sought-after support from locals in Detroit again. He might have known what cards he was dealing, but he had no idea what kind of hand they all had up their sleeves.

Hoffa’s plans came to halt when Anthony Provenzano, the local Teamsters leader in New Jersey, caught wind of his potential reelection. The two had been long-time friends but had a feud as they were in prison that never mended. Many opponents of Provenzano have turned up dead or beaten horrendously. The Mafia kingpin of Detroit, Anthony Giacalone and his brother Vito, involved themselves to help stop Hoffa’s attempt at regaining national power. The Giacalone brothers provided services to be “mediators” between Hoffa and Provenzano, but with each meeting, Hoffa became increasingly nervous to the point his son, James, knew that there was potential danger ahead.

On July 30, 1975, Jimmy Hoffa was never seen again. He was to meet the brothers and Provenzano at 2 P.M. at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township – right outside of Detroit. However, after 30 minutes had passed, Hoffa is seen calling his wife from a payphone to alert her that no one has shown to the restaurant. As he paced outside for a couple minutes more, he left the Red Fox around 2:45 P.M. Yet, he did not leave in his own car.

The next morning, Hoffa’s wife had called her children to inform them he had not come home from the Red Fox. Strangely enough, his daughter had claimed to have seen him in a vision where he was wearing the exact outfit, he had worn to meet with the men but was slumped over dead. A friend of Hoffa’s arrived at the Red Fox parking lot around 7:20 A.M. where he found his friend’s unlocked car, but no trace of Jimmy Hoffa. That is when he called the police and once, they realized who this was about, the FBI was soon alerted. There was no evidence that the Giacalone brothers or Provenzano had been anywhere near that restaurant when Hoffa disappeared. The only evidence that the police have against the men is a vehicle that belongs to the Giacalone family, where tracking dogs picked up Hoffa’s scent. However, it can be disputed that Hoffa has traveled in that car before.

On July 30, 1982, Jimmy Hoffa was declared legally dead. Key details in Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance still remain unknown and highly speculated. With no real evidence pointing against them, it is common acceptance that the enemies in the Detroit Mafia had it out for Hoffa and needed him gone. There are theories of his foster son, Charles O’Brien, aiding these men to take out the man he had an unstable relationship with. No matter what you believe, you more than likely believe that Hoffa died from a grueling and painful death, no matter who the perpetrator may or may not be. People in Detroit still dig to see if they will ever stumble across the remains of Hoffa while others in Northern Michigan know that he very well might be in an icy swamp, decomposed from years of withering.

SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, or coronavirus has turned the year 2020 on its head. This highly infectious disease is running rampant with no real end in sight. It began as a seasonal cold and would go away once it got warm again. However, with cases hitting record highs every day, there does not seem like there is a way to end this virus, not yet. This pandemic has been nothing short of chaotic for everyone, especially conspiracy theorists. Online forums are dedicated to the virus’ alleged origins and “true” nature – and there are many people who do not believe this virus came from a soup in Wuhan, China and they don’t believe this was just some pandemic accident.

COVID-19 Was Created in A Lab
Along with President Trump, many people claim that the virus did originate in Wuhan. However, COVID-19 was an attempt at an engineered bioweapon for population control. With accidental lab releases of some pathogens actually occurring, people want to believe this was one of those times except that it was intentional. It had to start in China due to their overpopulation already, but had it spread to the rest of the world. Some believe it is a Darwinism disease of only the strong, young, and able to survive.

It Was Created by The Elites to Get Rich
Whether it is either Trump, Bill Gates, or Oprah visiting Chinese laboratories, you may have heard that the elites of the world are the ones who funded this whole thing. In an attempt to make the lower classes have limited access to supplies and healthcare, they can come out on top and “help” everyone, thus looking like our saviors. That and they are also in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies to create a vaccine in order to leech money out of everyone in the world.

To go even further with Bill Gates, he apparently created this to also be the one who creates the vaccines that will “cure” everyone. However, these vaccines are just a way to insert trackers into every American to track them. Eventually, Gates will push for jurisdiction for the vaccine to be mandatory therefore no one can escape from this microchip tracking.

This Was Just A Distraction
Do you remember what was happening in the world before COVID? Yeah, neither does the person writing this. But if you take a look back a few months before March of 2020, you will notice some strange occurrences.

One instance is that celebrities and companies were being called out left and right for being part of sex trafficking children. Notably, the most infamous of these was the alleged suicide of socialite, Jeffrey Epstein, after being thrown in prison after having charges filed against him for soliciting sex from minors. Epstein and girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, had very elite friends who would travel to their exclusive island with them. There are many people they had on file who had engaged in illegal and deplorable activity with them, but the world may never know who now since we are all too concerned for our day to day health fighting against COVID-19. But whoever did not want to be outed on that list of people could very well have had a hand in dispersing the COVID-19 virus or at least help fund a virus that could get the world’s attention and cause chaos.

It Is the Great Reset/Start of The New World Order
The World Economic Forum has a page talking about the Great Reset, meaning that they want to help reset and reestablish a healthy, thriving economy. Many people don’t believe this good faith front. The WEF is a non-profit foundation where they connect influential people from around the world to help solve the world’s issues. This in nature, is very suspicious. The Great Reset was first thought of as a way to use a pandemic as an opportunity to rethink the way we do things and to bring to light how much we hate the way things are and eventually find ways to improve our quality of life. This theory is also very similar to The New World Order where we will be controlled by the government and elites to the point that we own nothing and they will exploit anything we have and force us to live this “ideal” life.

The Great Reset idea also can be traced to Biblical theories that God wanted another flood, like He did with Moses, where He gets rid of all of the people who aren’t helping society and spare those who are able bodied to improve Earth.

With COVID-19 running rampant again, it is hard not to believe some of these theories when it just won’t go away. Nothing that is written above is scientifically proven, so please, take these all with a grain of salt. There is no fundamental proof that any of these things are true, but maybe one day in the future, that just might change.