As it hailed for Genoa, Italy from New York City, on November 7, 1872, the brigantine Mary Celeste set sail only to never be seen again. On board this magnificent ship were the seasoned captain, Benjamin S. Briggs, his wife, and their 2-year-old daughter, along with eight crewmembers. The ship was later found abandoned with no caption and no crew less than a month later by a passing British ship. The Mary Celeste did not seem to be damaged and only was missing one lifeboat. So, what actually happened to the people on board, why did they leave, and how did the ship stay in perfect condition although it was abandoned?

Since 1872, rumors have soared around the world about what happened to the Mary Celeste. From mystical to scientific, nothing slowed people from talking about one of the most puzzling disappearances of all time.

Folks loved to romanticize the idea of the Mary Celeste being haunted as it once transported slaves from across the world to the Americas. One possibility of the ship’s demise is that the ghosts of former slaves that were on board took their revenge on the entire crew and threw them overboard and guided the ship to shore.

Others love to speculate that the British ship that found it is not being entirely truthful with their discovery. They like to point fingers and claim that they may have found them to be an enemy ship and took it over as they were in the middle of a cold war, themselves. It is believed they may have accidentally mistook them for an enemy ship and threw them overboard.

Scientists look at the fact that they sailed during the time hurricanes were in the area. So maybe it was a possibility that the crew was flung overboard by enormous waves rocking the ship. Natural phenomena, called a waterspout, could also be a weather disaster that brought the ship’s fate.

Frankly, all of these are equally likely. But the one thing none of them can explain is the missing lifeboat. Where did it go and who took it?

Historians lean towards the idea that the boat was pirated. Pirates likely boarded the boat, stole the belongings, and either kidnapped everyone or threw them overboard while they used the lifeboat to sail them back to their original ship. With no survivors or bodies to be investigated, who is to say?

We may never know what truly happened to the people who boarded the Mary Celeste or even when they allegedly died. Since the ship was in seaworthy condition when found, they still used it for sails across the Atlantic. With each new owner who sold her to the next seaman, she continued to lose them money on each venture she took. Although there was never another crew disappearance again with her, there was always something so eerie and disastrous that the Mary Celeste brought to each owner. Haunted or just coincidental?

Now that you have taken you daughter, your dog, your spouse, and you houseplant all with you to work, it is your poet’s turn!

Take Your Poet to Work Day is a day where you get to highlight and educate those around you your favorite poet and their greatest works. It is also meant to encourage the poet that lives inside you to awaken and share with the world just exactly what they have hidden.

This holiday was also meant for people to make poetry fun for everyone. To have a platform so that people can share their ideas and opinions on other poet’s works, too. And also maybe discover your next favorite poem or poet!

People have gotten very creative and literal with this idea in the past years! They have printed out a cartoon version of their favorite poet, colored them in, glued them onto a popsicle stick, and literally brought them to work! They leave them in places that can be easily seen by coworkers like their pencil holder or leaning against their computers.

Open up that Twitter feed and let everyone see that you are a poet and you do indeed know it!

Smooches for you and you! Happy International Kissing Day!

Established back in 2006, this day was meant to celebrate kissing in all contexts! Typically in America, people tend not to kiss each other unless they are romantic partners. However, all over Europe, kissing one another is just a simple greeting! Did you know that friends in Italy and Greece, both men and women commonly kiss each other on the lips when greeting one another? While in countries like France, one light kiss on each cheek is a normal salutation.

Looking for ways to celebrate? Start your morning off by giving your loved one or your pet a kiss good morning! Kiss your friends on the cheek to greet them during the day. Are you a little more reserved and don’t go locking lips with everyone? No worries! Hand out Hershey kisses to your friends and family – they will get the picture!

But if you are going around kissing people all day – don’t forget a breath mint or two!

Someone phone home to Roswell, New Mexico because July 2nd is World UFO Day!

This day is created for people all around the globe to join together and search the night sky for some suspicious activity.

We all have seen E.T. and how strange things can start to happen when exposed to the extra-terrestrial life for too long. But why is today World UFO Day?

This observation is held on July 2nd because this is the day back in 1947 that the “supposed” Roswell UFO Incident occurred. The United States government reported back that the crash was nothing more than an Army Air Force weather balloon that had crashed. Nonetheless, dozens of people around the area claimed to have seen a “flying disc” where the claimed “weather balloon” fell at.

However, some people also celebrate this on June 24 due to it being the first known date that a person in the United States, aviator Kenneth Arnold, claimed to have seen an obscure object light up the dark sky.

So go out there tonight and check what is happening beyond our home planet. Or maybe just binge-watch The X-Files with a UFO shaped pizza!

There is always that one case that you hear about that gets you hooked to learning about true crime. Sometimes the story tugs at your heartstrings, reminds you of a person in your own life, or maybe it flat out stumps you. This missing person’s case does all of the above. This is the mysterious disappearance of Maura Murray.

A 21-year-old Maura Murray disappeared on February 9, 2004. She was a nursing student who was completing her junior year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Maura was a fun-loving young woman, doing the typical things people at that time do. She had friends who she loved going to bars with, had a boyfriend whom she loved, and family that always picked her up when she was down. However, the All-American Girl facade was started to come to light as Maura found herself in some sticky situations.

Prior to her disappearance, she was having a rough time that she hid very well. She had used a stolen credit card, had a difficult discussion (which is still widely speculated) with her sister who was a recovering alcoholic, and dealt around $10,000 worth of damage to her father’s car after spending the day with him to purchase a car for her.

However, our story starts on a bitter cold Monday in Massachusetts. A little after midnight on February 9th, Maura made some MapQuest searches for directions to the Berkshires and Burlington, Vermont. The first person she had any electronic contact with that day was her boyfriend around 1 in the afternoon. She ominously emailed him that she loves him but doesn’t want to talk to anyone at the moment. Phone records track that she made a phone call to a condominium complex in Barlett, New Hampshire that her family has rented from before. What we do know is that she inquired about renting, but the owner did not rent out to her. After that failed attempt, Maura made a call to a fellow nursing student for unknown reasons.

Her strangest contact was to her supervisor. Maura claimed that there was a death in the family and would not be in for at least a week. It was later proven by investigators that no death in her family, immediate and extended, had occurred. Around 2 P.M., she made a call to receive information on booking hotels in Stowe, Vermont. Her last call of the afternoon was to her boyfriend where she left him a voicemail promising to chat later.

Maura packed her car with clothes and everyday necessities, as if she was simply taking a trip. When her room was searched after her disappearance, it was indicated that most of her things had been packed into boxes with a printed-out email regarding her and her boyfriend’s turbulent relationship atop of a box.

As she left her campus around 3:40 P.M., she withdrew $280 from an ATM and footage proved she was alone. She later went to a liquor store where she purchased $40 worth of alcohol where she was again, alone. Maura headed up Interstate 91 north, however, there is no evidence she even had a destination in mind.

The last confirmed sighting of Maura is a strange one. Around 7:00 P.M. that evening, a woman heard a car hit the snowbank outside of her house along Route 112. This woman called the Grafton County Sheriff’s Department at 7:27 P.M. to report the accident and while speaking to them, she claimed to have seen a man inside of the car, smoking a cigarette. Another local approached Maura and took note that she was not harmed physically and offered to call for help for her since there was no cell phone reception where she crashed. In one police report, it is noted that she “pleaded” with the man to not call the cops. However, when he drove back to his house, he called the police at 7:43 P.M.

The Haverhill police log states that an officer arrived at the scene at 7:46 P.M. where there was no person in or around the crashed vehicle. The officer noted that the airbags had deployed and the doors to the car were locked. He continued to investigate Maura’s car and discovered red wine stains in and outside of the vehicle, found driving directions to Burlington, Vermont as well as a copy of Not Without Peril, a book about mountain climbing in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It was later indicated that Maura’s debit and credit cards along with her phone were missing – none of these items have ever been recovered. As her car was being investigated, it appeared that a rag was stuffed into its muffler pipe – something her father claimed to have taught her if she ever got into car engine troubles, but not crashes.

On February 10, local media had enlisted the public to be on the lookout for a woman in her 20s wearing a dark coat, jeans, and a backpack. Around 3:20 P.M., a voicemail was left for her father explaining her car had been found abandoned, yet he was out of state for work. Later, Maura’s sister called their father to explain what was happening where he then contacted Haverhill Police where they explained they will deem her an official missing person if she does not come forward by the following morning. In the early morning hours of February 11, Maura’s father, family, boyfriend, and others started their search for her. After hearing the testimonies from her loved ones, the police indicated to the public that she could potentially be suicidal or wanted to run away from her life.

As her case gained nationwide attention along with the FBI participating in the search, Maura Murray has never been found or seen again since the night she crashed her car. Her disappearance is considered the “first crime mystery of the social media age” as her case was one of the first to have entire Internet forums dedicated to the mysterious vanishing. People everywhere have their theories about what happened to her, but nothing the police can confirm nor rule out completely. There are thoughts of her being kidnapped by a serial killer, her having a mental breakdown and went AWOL, and there are some more far-fetched ones where she committed a crime no one knew about and she wanted to run away to change her identity before anyone found out.

No matter what you believe, Maura Murray is still considered a missing person. Whether she made that drive to eventually take her own life, to create a new one, or had it threatened against her will, we may never truly know how Maura Murray magically vanished into thin air.

Fathers’ Day is a special day marked out to honor and celebrate fathers and their influence in their families and the society at large. This recognition and appreciation also extends to such related paternal bonds as grandfather, father-figure and male guardians.

Fathers’ Day can be seen as a direct complement to Mothers’ Day, Siblings Day, Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, and such-like celebrations that recognize and honor members of the family. On this day, one may give gifts to one’s father or father-figure, spend time with him, or show that one cares.  It is celebrated annually by more than 111 countries in the world, with varying dates. However, most countries observe Fathers’ Day on the third Sunday of June.

There is no laid out way to celebrate Fathers’ Day. However, it is a common practice to give out gifts to fathers and father-figures in one’s life in the form of electronic devices, apparels, men’s healthcare products, tools, and other suitable gift items for men. This day is also marked by special outings by family and friends to enjoy the outdoors. Restaurants, parks, recreation centers and beaches are common destinations for observers of this special day. Fathers’ Day doesn’t have to be expensive or actively celebrated, though. A simple call across to one’s father or father-figure, appreciating their paternal influence and wishing them well also says a lot. Some churches still honor fathers on Sundays, the week in which the occasion falls. Like has already been stated, the manner and extent of observing this day differs according to individual preferences, tradition, culture, region, or country.

This observance has its origins in the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. Known as the Feast Day of Saint Joseph or St. Joseph’s Day, the Catholic Church set out March 19 as the day to honor the fatherhood of Joseph, Jesus’ Earthly father. This celebration was brought to America by the Spanish and the Portuguese, but it was not known by the name we know it today.

In the 20th century, it was thought that there should be a complement to Mothers’ Day, hence, the birth of Fathers’ Day. The occasion was first observed on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia, in the Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church. Grace Golden Clayton had lost her father in a mining accident which killed above 250 fathers and rendered more than a thousand children fatherless. She suggested that those fathers be honored. Her request was accepted and the celebration observed, but it didn’t have much impact by way of popularity.

The first “significant” Fathers’ Day celebration was held on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. It was initiated and spearheaded by Sonora Smart Dodd. She had been at a Sunday service on Mothers’ Day, and felt there should be a direct opposite of Mothers’ Day to also honor fathers. She and her six siblings had grown up without a mother and had been singlehandedly raised by a heroic father who, in her opinion, deserved recognition too. She created a lot of awareness on the need for a significant honoring of fathers on a set date, as mothers too.

Several attempts were made by US Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Lyndon B. Johnson to make the celebration an official holiday. Finally, in 1972, US President Richard Nixon made it an official holiday to be celebrated on third Sunday of every June.

Most countries follow this same model date as the USA, but many still have different dates round the year on which they observe the Fathers’ Day.

Arizona. Known for stunning sunsets, Saguaro cactus, and aliens? If you lived in the American Southwest in 1997, you know exactly what we are referring to. In the early evening hours of March 13, 1997, just as the sun had set to the West, Phoenix looked up at the sky and the city was forever haunted.

The length of Arizona was graced by the polarizing visual of an unidentified flying object, or UFO. What the majority of people saw was a triangular formation going across the Grand Canyon State, but what the folks of Phoenix saw were much different. A series of stationary lights in one singular row were just there. Floating. The residents of Phoenix were stunned by their brightness and the way they just would not move. At first glance, one would think it was a military plane doing their practices rounds from Luke Air Force Base in Northern Phoenix. But when the lights did not move for what felt like hours to the witnesses, they knew it was nothing that they had ever seen before. With a swift and quick motion, the lights continued on in their triangular shape down south to Sonora, Mexico where they were last spotted.

What could be a rational explanation of these lights? The United States Military attributed the lights that dangled over Phoenix to be part of their A-10 Warthog aircraft dropping flares from the sky. Yet no one has been able to confirm or deny this claim or the appearance of the V-shaped lights that entered and left the Phoenix metro area.

The people of Phoenix have never been the same since that night. It became a polarizing topic, taboo even in some households. Either you saw them or you didn’t, which could cause huge speculations for friends and families alike. The governor of Arizona at the time, Fife Symington, was one of the hundreds of witnesses and called the experience, “other worldly.” Just as the residents started to forget about the tales of The Phoenix Lights from 1997, they made a reappearance in April of 2008 where they changed from a square to triangle formation over a period of time before disappearing altogether. But is there any proof other than hearsay?

Yes, there is. People in Prescott, Arizona, a city about 90 minutes north of Phoenix, have few images of the strange lights that they sold to local news stations. There is also one video of poor quality that can still be seen on Youtube today. Being in 1997, it is not surprising that there was minimal footage. However, skip forward over a decade to the second event where there are numerous digital accounts of this activity that have been used as documentary footage for the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

What can be determined by a bunch of floating lights over the 5th largest city in America? Could it just have been the reflection of the bright city lights? Was it really military planes and flares? Or is there something truly other worldly going on that the folks in Arizona had a front row seat to witness?

Unfоrtunаtеlу, today, tоо many реорlе lооk аt Mеmоriаl Day as a rесrеаtiоnаl day, ѕimрlу аnоthеr dау аwау frоm ѕсhооl or a раid dау оff of wоrk. Militаrу fаmiliеѕ аnd fаmiliеѕ of milliоnѕ оf vеtеrаnѕ, оn the оthеr hаnd, hаvе аlwауѕ bееn ѕubjесtеd to thе pain аnd ѕuffеring of ѕееing thеir brothers, husbands or сhildrеn go оff to wаr, bеginning with thе American Revolution up until tоdау’ѕ асtiоnѕ in thе Middlе East, thrоugh the dеvаѕtаting Civil wаr, intо World Wаr I аnd II, аnd during the Viеtnаm аnd Kоrеаn Wаrѕ. To them, Mеmоriаl Day iѕ a dау tо rеflесt оn thеir lоѕѕ and ѕuffеring, and tо honor thоѕе thаt hаvе ѕеrvеd tо рrоtесt Amеriса’ѕ intеrеѕtѕ.

Saying gооdbуе to a lоvеd оnе you might аt nо timе ѕее аgаin iѕ thе mоѕt devastating fееling a family mеmbеr may реrреtuаllу have, bесаuѕе thеу juѕt nеvеr rеаllу knоw if thаt реrѕоn iѕ coming bасk. Their hеаrt skips a beat еvеrу timе thаt thе doorbell ringѕ while thеir lоvеd оnе iѕ abroad, реrfоrming thе grеаtеѕt dutу thеу will perpetually perform аѕ thеу defend justice and thе pursuit оf liberty. At hоmе, thоugh, thеir lоvеd ones drеаd thе mоmеnt they open thаt door, as the pulse ԛuiсkеnѕ аnd horrible thоughtѕ of a mеѕѕаgе оf imminеnt lоѕѕ haunts thеm. They fear аnѕwеring the phone. They dread reading thеir mаil. Life itself bесоmеѕ a seemingly endless, helpless wаit fоr nеwѕ, hореfullу gооd news, but роtеntiаllу nеwѕ оf thе worst роѕѕiblе kind.

Fоr ѕоmе people, thе luсkу ones, thеу оnlу have tо еndurе the fеаr of losing a lоvеd one in bаttlе fоr a fеw уеаrѕ, but thаt in аnd of itѕеlf can hаvе long-lasting, lifе аltеring rаmifiсаtiоnѕ. The fear causes great ѕtrеѕѕ, making fаmiliеѕ wаlk оn eggshells fоr еntirе tоurѕ of dutу, as сhildrеn gо withоut thеir mother or fаthеr fоr lоng реriоdѕ оf timе. Fоr far too many, thе nеwѕ аnd thе rаmifiсаtiоnѕ аrе wоrѕе. Thеу lоѕе a lоvеd one to wаr, or their lоvеd оnе iѕ ѕеriоuѕlу injurеd, mаimеd, оr psychologically dаmаgеd аѕ they dеfеnd our nаtiоn and itѕ intеrеѕtѕ.

Lеt’ѕ nоt fоrgеt the veterans thеmѕеlvеѕ and thе ѕасrifiсеѕ that thеу hаvе mаdе. Wе only need to turn оn thе nеwѕ tо ѕее the hardships thеу fасе, thе daily dangers thеу live with, and thе hоrrоrѕ that thеу еndurе. Veterans аrе аnd hаvе been our рrоtесtоrѕ, our dеfеndеrѕ, аnd оftеn at grеаt соѕt, even for thе ѕurvivоrѕ of war. Wаr itѕеlf is hell, as the famous ѕауing gоеѕ, аnd thеѕе mаnу, wonderful mеn аnd wоmеn hаvе entered hell willinglу fоr сеnturiеѕ tо рrоtесt thе America that thеу lоvе, and to build a futurе fоr аll Amеriсаnѕ.

In almost any case you саn think оf, оn Mеmоriаl Dау, these vеtеrаnѕ whо рrоtесt uѕ frоm dаngеrѕ аbrоаd, аnd whо have рrоtесtеd us from dаngеrѕ fоr hundrеdѕ оf уеаrѕ, dеѕеrvе our rеѕресt аnd оur remembrance, and уеt Memorial Day has turnеd intо a cook оut whеn you ореn uр the рооl fоr thе ѕummеr.

“Traditional оbѕеrvаnсе оf Mеmоriаl dау hаѕ diminiѕhеd оvеr the years. Many Americans nоwаdауѕ have forgotten thе mеаning and traditions of Memorial Dау. At mаnу сеmеtеriеѕ, thе graves of thе fallen аrе inсrеаѕinglу ignоrеd, nеglесtеd. Mоѕt people nо lоngеr remember thе proper flag еtiԛuеttе for thе day.”

In days past, grеаt раrаdеѕ were thrоwn in honor оf these wоndеrful vеtеrаnѕ. Citiеѕ and tоwnѕhiрѕ gаvе speeches аnd hеld Mеmоriаl galas. In Iѕrаеl, tо thiѕ dау, tо сеlеbrаtе thеir Mеmоriаl Dау, thеir tеlеviѕiоn liѕtѕ thе names of all the dеаd thаt they have lоѕt tо war, аnd thаt simple рrосеѕѕ takes mоѕt оf thе dау. Pеrhарѕ we dоn’t need tо gо to ԛuitе that extreme tо honor the veterans whо have ѕеrvеd to protect us, but still, оur аmbivаlеnсе tоwаrdѕ thе truе mеаning behind Mеmоriаl Dау is a bit muсh.

Thiѕ уеаr, wе ѕhоuld try tо viѕit a wаr mеmоriаl, the grave оf a veteran, оr аt lеаѕt stop in a mоmеnt оf silence reserved fоr the many who hаvе ѕасrifiсеd their livеѕ tо рrоtесt and рrоvidе thе wonderful livеѕ and opportunities thаt wе hаvе аvаilаblе to us tоdау. This year, wе ѕhоuld аlѕо hоnоr аnd remember thе many ѕасrifiсеѕ оf thе fаmiliеѕ оf all veterans аnd wаr hеrоеѕ, because if you think about it, they sacrificed ԛuitе a bit fоr аll оf uѕ.


“If wе саnnоt do him honor,

Whilе he’s hеrе tо hеаr the рrаiѕе,

Thеn at lеаѕt lеt’ѕ givе him homage,

At thе еnding оf hiѕ dауѕ.” (Authоr Unknown)

Often when we think of historical events, our thoughts immediately turn to major incidents such as the Civil War or the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. But there is more to history than the major events that are taught in school. Regardless of what events they are and how long they’ve been around, scientists and other experts aren’t giving up on solving the biggest mysteries of our time and those that came before us, especially ones that are a mixture of legend and actual history.

Here are 7 examples of dated historical mysteries that are sure to make you wonder.


1.    Lost Tombs Of The Maccabees

Almost 150 years ago, a search was initiated for the lost tombs of the Maccabees. Those who took part included scholars, experts, travelers, and so on. However, nothing ever came of the search, and it continues to this day. In 2015, an archaeological discovery at the Horbat Ha-Gardi site near Modi’in was thought to be the tomb in question, but that turned out to be another dead end. The family that piqued the interest of experts worldwide consisted of a Jewish priest named Mattathias and his five sons, who rebelled against the pagan rule of the Hellenistic Seleucids. When the priest died, his son Judah continued the campaign and eventually successfully freed Judea from the Seleucids and ensured the liberation of the temple. During the reinstatement or rededication of the temple, the festival of Hanukkah was born. After the temple was rededicated, the five sons of Mattathias continued to fight for more territory, each eventually dying one by one after taking over the throne. It is their lost tombs that are still the center of a fervent search by archaeologists today. For now, the location of these royal tombs remains a mystery.


2.    Our Lady of Guadalupe

On December 9th, 1531, 57 year old Juan Diego was on his way to church in Tenochtitlan, Mexico when he suddenly heard music near Tepeyac Hill. At first he thought that it was bird song, but before long Diego wondered if he was actually hearing a heavenly chorus. Soon, the music faded away and instead, Diego began to her the voice of a woman, calling his name from the top of Tepeyac Hill. Diego made his way to the top where he encountered a girl who in appearance seemed to be around 15 years old. She seemed to give off a glowing light that lit up the area, and she was dressed in an attractive red and gold gown and a star studded turquoise cloak. While Diego stood gaping at the apparition, the girl told him that she was “the Virgin Mary, mother of the true God who gives life.” Mary went on to tell Juan Diego to build a church on the hill, so that others could come and receive comfort and guidance. She then told Diego to pay a visit to Don Fray Juan de Zumaraga, the bishop of Mexico and tell him that the Virgin Mary wanted a church built. Juan Diego made his way to the bishop and in time was granted an audience. He relayed Mary’s desire to have a church built to the bishop, but the bishop promptly shot him down, stating that he wasn’t willing to consider such a project based on a whimsical vision. Diego headed home, feeling that he had failed. Along the way he once again encountered Mary and he told her of his encounter with the bishop. Once again, Mary instructed him to approach the bishop. Diego did as he was bid and this time the bishop was more willing to hear Diego out. He told Diego to ask Mary for a miraculous sign to prove her identity. The bishop then sent two servants to follow Diego home and deliver a full report to him of what took place. The servants attempted to follow Diego, but they lost sight of him and had to report back to the bishop that they had failed at their task.While the servants were reporting their failure, Diego was once again approached by the vision of Mary. He explained that the bishop required a miraculous sign. Mary instructed Diego to return at dawn the next day to receive the sign. Unfortunately, Diego’s uncle fell ill and he was unable to return to Mary at the appointed time. When he made his way back to Tepeyac Hill, not only did Mary forgive him, but she also healed his uncle. She then instructed Diego to go to the top of the hill and gather the flowers that grew there. Diego climbed the hill, even though it was winter and there was frost on the ground. He didn’t expect to find any flowers, but surprisingly, he found that roses were growing on the hill. He gathered the flowers into his tilma (poncho) and took them back to the Virgin.

Mary arranged the flowers into a pattern onto Diego’s poncho and then helped him to put it back on, tying the corners around his neck to hold the roses. She then sent Diego back to the bishop, telling him not to show the roses to anyone along the way. The bishop was shocked when Diego presented the roses. He had secretly prayed for a sign of roses, and here they were, but even more stunning was the tilma itself. Where the roses had rested, there now was a beautiful image of the Virgin Mary imprinted on the poncho. The symbolism in the image was very specific, easily conveying a message of love to the natives of Mexico. The image was displayed in the local cathedral until Mary’s church could be built. Over a period of seven years from the time the image was first displayed, it was estimated that approximately 8 million pagan Mexicans converted to Christianity. The image is still on display today at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. So is the image a true miracle? Millions of people seem to think so. The cloak, which is made of cactus fibers, has shown no sign of disintegration, and it’s been noted that the image of a bearded man can be seen in the right eye of the image of Mary, leading the devout to believe that it’s a reflection of what she saw in 1531 – Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill.

3.    The Red Queen

In 1994, archaeologist Arnoldo Gonzales Cruz and his team discovered a burial chamber in Temple XIII in the ruins of Palenque in Southern Mexico. Inside the chamber, they discovered a sarcophagus and an intact tomb. At one end of the sarcophagus, they found the skeleton of a young boy; at the other, they found the skeleton of a woman in her thirties. It is thought that they were sacrificed in order to accompany the woman whose remains were found inside the sarcophagus to the afterlife.[10]The skeleton inside the sarcophagus was covered in red dust, leading to it being nicknamed the Red Queen. Alongside it, Cruz and his team found a collection of jade and pearl objects. A diadem of jade beads was found around the skull as well as remains of what had been a funeral mask. Unfortunately, none of the findings pointed to the identity of the woman. Studies conducted on the remains revealed that she had been around 60 when she died and that she loved eating meat. It is believed that she was an important person, considering that her burial chamber was located next to that of Pakal the Great. The remains have since been returned to Palenque, and the research into her identity continues.

SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, or coronavirus has turned the year 2020 on its head. This highly infectious disease is running rampant with no real end in sight. It began as a seasonal cold and would go away once it got warm again. However, with cases hitting record highs every day, there does not seem like there is a way to end this virus, not yet. This pandemic has been nothing short of chaotic for everyone, especially conspiracy theorists. Online forums are dedicated to the virus’ alleged origins and “true” nature – and there are many people who do not believe this virus came from a soup in Wuhan, China and they don’t believe this was just some pandemic accident.

COVID-19 Was Created in A Lab
Along with President Trump, many people claim that the virus did originate in Wuhan. However, COVID-19 was an attempt at an engineered bioweapon for population control. With accidental lab releases of some pathogens actually occurring, people want to believe this was one of those times except that it was intentional. It had to start in China due to their overpopulation already, but had it spread to the rest of the world. Some believe it is a Darwinism disease of only the strong, young, and able to survive.

It Was Created by The Elites to Get Rich
Whether it is either Trump, Bill Gates, or Oprah visiting Chinese laboratories, you may have heard that the elites of the world are the ones who funded this whole thing. In an attempt to make the lower classes have limited access to supplies and healthcare, they can come out on top and “help” everyone, thus looking like our saviors. That and they are also in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies to create a vaccine in order to leech money out of everyone in the world.

To go even further with Bill Gates, he apparently created this to also be the one who creates the vaccines that will “cure” everyone. However, these vaccines are just a way to insert trackers into every American to track them. Eventually, Gates will push for jurisdiction for the vaccine to be mandatory therefore no one can escape from this microchip tracking.

This Was Just A Distraction
Do you remember what was happening in the world before COVID? Yeah, neither does the person writing this. But if you take a look back a few months before March of 2020, you will notice some strange occurrences.

One instance is that celebrities and companies were being called out left and right for being part of sex trafficking children. Notably, the most infamous of these was the alleged suicide of socialite, Jeffrey Epstein, after being thrown in prison after having charges filed against him for soliciting sex from minors. Epstein and girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, had very elite friends who would travel to their exclusive island with them. There are many people they had on file who had engaged in illegal and deplorable activity with them, but the world may never know who now since we are all too concerned for our day to day health fighting against COVID-19. But whoever did not want to be outed on that list of people could very well have had a hand in dispersing the COVID-19 virus or at least help fund a virus that could get the world’s attention and cause chaos.

It Is the Great Reset/Start of The New World Order
The World Economic Forum has a page talking about the Great Reset, meaning that they want to help reset and reestablish a healthy, thriving economy. Many people don’t believe this good faith front. The WEF is a non-profit foundation where they connect influential people from around the world to help solve the world’s issues. This in nature, is very suspicious. The Great Reset was first thought of as a way to use a pandemic as an opportunity to rethink the way we do things and to bring to light how much we hate the way things are and eventually find ways to improve our quality of life. This theory is also very similar to The New World Order where we will be controlled by the government and elites to the point that we own nothing and they will exploit anything we have and force us to live this “ideal” life.

The Great Reset idea also can be traced to Biblical theories that God wanted another flood, like He did with Moses, where He gets rid of all of the people who aren’t helping society and spare those who are able bodied to improve Earth.

With COVID-19 running rampant again, it is hard not to believe some of these theories when it just won’t go away. Nothing that is written above is scientifically proven, so please, take these all with a grain of salt. There is no fundamental proof that any of these things are true, but maybe one day in the future, that just might change.